The delicacy of the melody

whispers of what might have been

and also what still can become.

Loving you is like dancing

on a tightrope above all 

my previous knowings.

Terrifying in scale,

exhilarating in scope,

emergent in balance and imbalance,

marked by the courageous gestures 

we make in the face of loss

and changed by the work of making dreams real

in the thoughtscapes of our own minds

and the landscapes of our shared world. 

I am because of all things.

My existence a product of synergy

and my continuance a matter of participation.

Saying yes to this love story

is an intermingling of all of

who I have been,

will be,

and am actively becoming

that pulls me forward

like an upswell on 

the wave of evolution

within and between all

living things.