The ebbs and flows of our love

keep me spinning and swimming

toward some solid ground.

In search of this land,

I peer both inside myself:

deep into the marrow of my bones,

the height of my full upright posture,

the ever-present beating of my heart.

And I peer also into the space between us:

the warmth of your hand in mine, 

the primal force of our interlocked gaze, 

the dreams we speak half-awake in our cave red bed.

It’s all flux and reflux

we remind each other

when the tides turn rough

and we are flung far from the shores 

of our previous knowing.

There is beauty in the distances we traverse

so quickly on these tempest waters.

Tossed into seas of ecstasy and then in turn, turmoil.

The clear skies burn brighter still when the clouds clear.

The questions of our times are not simple ones,

and the answers, therefore, are as complex

as the galaxies we come from. 

It is not about returning to what we’ve known.

It is instead about riding the energy of this chaotic unfurling

into the deep and mighty waters that are calling out to us.

Singing sweetly, yelling loudly, pleading for us to not turn back

but instead allow the wisdom of our bodies to keep us afloat

with patience and humility on the seas of time.