Beauty is this moment –

the sunlight rippling forever forward

iridescent in its origins

cascading from the sun at the center of our galaxy

across deep time to meet me here 

through the nexus of my perception

absorbed by my thirsty skin 

and reflected through my ever-awakening eyes.

This moment is suspended through the mind

and marked by this breath infusing and releasing

into love as the source of all things;

the interconnected tapestry of creation.

My wings are unfurling once again

as the hawks return to this land and circle above

mirroring the cycles of this love to catch the wind and

spiral upwards to new heights.

This moment unforgettable in its perfect transience.

What is the process of enlightenment if it is not this?

The process of shining light on all things

inward and outward in equal direction

so that even the darkest caverns

become illuminated as contours of the whole.